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Hi. This is Tuesday's Dusk, My website, run by me, Tuesday's Dusk!

August 14, 2006
For those who care, I have started a new website,, i will be focusing more on that one, as it is what i planned to do when i made this one.

July 25. 2006
I added a section for Organization XIII in the Kingdom Hearts II section.

July 23,2006
I added two things to the Crane gallery.
Tuesdays Dusk

July 21, 2006
I added a gallery for Kingdom Hearts II and Chain of Memories.
Tuesdays Dusk

July 20, 2006
I added all the Secret Ansem Reports from Kingdom Hearts II.
Tuesdays Dusk

July 19, 2006
I finished the Kingdom Hearts page. I added a complete list of charactors, and secrets. And I have started the gallery for Crane.
Tuesdays Dusk

July 18,2006
I added a gallery for Kingdom Hearts
Tuesdays Dusk

July 17, 2006
I added lots of wallpapers and the complete Ansem Report from Kingdom Hearts
Tuesdays Dusk

July 16, 2006
I finished the Nobuo Uematsu and The Offspring pages, and added reviews for Schindler's List and 12 Monkeys.
Tuesdays Dusk

I added a review for Immortal, and more to the page on Nobuo Uematsu
Tuesdays Dusk

I added lyrics to The Sons of Fate in The Protomen, and a discography for Nobuo Uematsu.
Tuesdays Dusk

I added pages for Pink Floyd and The Protomen in music, a whole bunch if wallpapers, and a review for A Sound of Thunder.
Tuesdays Dusk

Hi! Today is my sites opening, and I promise, for anyone who actually cares, I'm going to have those pages up as soon as i can