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Secret Report 3

Chaos affects not only this world, but many other worlds besides.

In the "Ansem Reports" my apprentice Xehanort had written under my name, I found the records of his hideous experiments along with his hypothesis about the door that appeared out of the darkness in my basement.
All living things have hearts, and all hearts hold darkness deep within.

Worlds are no exception. If a world is a being, the heart it holds must be colossal...

...and the darkness at its core must be monstrous indeed.

Did Xehanort pass through that door in an attempt to contact that dark realm?

No, not only Xehanort.

It appears my other five apprentices, believing it was for the sake of research, stared deep into the darkness and were pulled into it.

Even, Ienzo, Bleig, Dilin, and Eleus...

They have ceased to be human.

I, too, have had everything taken away from me, banished to a hollow realm of nothingness.

What is Xehanort hoping to gain with my pilfered existence?

Will my people cease to smile?

If the light of hope has been extinguished, I shall henceforth walk with darkness as a friend.

Here, in the realm of nothingness to which I have been relegated.

Darkness in the midst of nothing.

"Darkness in Zero."

Thus, I shall be known as Diz.

Discarding the stolen name "Ansem"...

And going in search of revenge.

Secret Ansems Report (c)2005, Square-Enix