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The Wall

The Wall is a rock-opera by Pink Floyd. It's the last studio album to feature Richard Wright until 1987. Roger Waters got the idea for the album while on the Animals tour. When a fan's behavior resulted in Waters spitting in the fans face. Waters was disgusted with himself, and his alienation from the fans urged him to build a wall between him and the audience. Roger Waters wrote all the songs, excpet for Young Lust, Comfortably, Numb, and Run Like Hell, Which were co-written by David Gilmore, and The Trial, which was co-written by Bob Ezrin.

The Wall is the story of Pink (who is portrayed by Bob Geldoff in the film), a facist anti-hero. He lost his father in WWII, which causes his mother to be over-protective. At school, he was oppressed by tyrannical teachers who try to conform him and other students to one "shape." Pink builds and imaginary wall, to isolate himself from the rest of the world, every bad experience being another brick in the wall. Pink stops building the wall for awhile, becomes a rock star and gets married. His wife, however, cheats on him. Which amkes Pink resume building the wall, and he finishes it quickly.
Pink now goes insane. Due to drugs, Pink hallucinates throughout his entire show, believing he is a fascist dictator, and his concerts are Neo-Nazi rallies, where he sets his men on any fans he believes to be unworthy. Although his conscience rebels, and he puts himself on trial. The judge declares that Pink is to tear down the wall, and expose himself to the outer world.   


The Wall (c) 1979- Pink Floyd