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Tuesdays Dusk
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The Sons of Fate

Megaman: I will not fight you.            Protoman: You have no choice

I’ll stand beside                                 I stand alone

You’re still their hero                         Then they are fools

This cannot be the only way              You will see

They don’t deserve this                     When this is through

Now more than ever                         Mankind will fall

We are their hope                             They would not stand

They know no better                         They would not fight

They are not ready                            They never will

Even now there is hope for man         My fathers words

Your father loved you                        He still believes?

His heart was broken                         His only weakness

His greatest strength                           Now we shall see

You are not evil                                  If they will stand

You are not broken                            Beside their hero

We both know they’ll never fight


Protoman: You finally get it

There are no heroes

Mankind is doomed

You will never have another Hero. You will never have another chance. You will fall, because you never tried to stand for yourselves!


Human Choir: Destroy him!

You can save us!

Destroy him!

You can saves us!

Destroy him!

You’re our only hope!



Protoman: If these people… tell this story… to their children… as they sleep… then maybe someday… they’ll see a hero… is just a man… who knows he’s free.


Human Choir: He could not save himself

How could he save us?

For all the blood he shed                           Megaman: As I live

Your brother failed us                                There is no evil that will stand

There’s nothing you could do                     I will finish

You had no choice                                    What was started:

Why do you cry for him?                           The fight of Protoman



Human choir: We are the dead.

We are the dead

We are the dead


Lyrics (c) The Protomen-2005