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The Key of Destiny

The thirteenth member of the Organization. He uses two keyblades, and controls the element of light and the Samurai Nobodies.
Roxas was born when Sora became a heartless in the Hollow Bastion. Him and Axel became best friend while Roxas was in the Organization. But he has no memories of his life as Sora, and does not understand why he is the Keyblade Bearer. Riku, who wants to awaken Sora, fights Roxas in the World That Never Was, Roxas wins. After Riku starts using hte power of darkness, he defeats Roxas, and takes him to DiZ. DiZ puts Roxas in a virtual Twilight Town, which is where the game starts. Roxas lived a normal life here (except for when he dreams Sora's memories) until Axel comes to save him from DiZ. Roxas combines with Sora in the beginning of the game, but Sora sees him two more times, both times in the World That Never Was. In the end, Roxas and Namine combine with their others. It is implyed that they wull live on inside of Sora and Kairi, instead of just disappearing.