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The Graceful Assassin


The eleventh member of the Organization. He uses a scythe and controls the element of flower. The lord of Castle Oblivion, and made plans to overthrow the Organization. Him and Larxene use Namine to alter Sora's memories and manipulate him. He threatens to tell Xemnas about Vexen's Riku Replica, to make him agree to kill Sora. Marluxia is confident that Vexen will fail, but sends Axel to kill him, so that Sora does not find out about Roxas. Marluxia now trusts Axel, who betrays him and tells Namine to do what she thinks is right. Marluxia recaptures Namine after Larxene's death, and uses her as a shield against Axel when Axel comes to kill him. When Sora appears, Marluxia vanishes, and Sora fights Axel. After Axel is defeated, Marluxia orders Namine to erase Sora's memories, but she refuses. Sora fights Marluxia, who stands atop a giant Nobody. Sora then defeats Marluxia, and Sora seals the door with his keyblade.