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The Flurry of Dancing Flames


The eighth member of the Organization. He uses a pair of chakram, and controls the element of fire and the Assassin Nobodies. Axel worked as a double agent in Castle Oblivion, and pretends to join Marluxia and Larxene in their plot to overthrow the Organization. To stop Marluxia, Axel sets Namine free, to tell Sora about how she can manipulate his memories. Axel prepares to kill Marluxia, but he puts Namine in front of him, to hold Axel at bay. When Sora appears, Marluxia and Namine vanish, and Sora fights Axel. After Marluxia dies, Axel kills Vexen, so that the Riku Replica can fight the real Riku.
In Kingdom Hearts II, Axel kidnaps Kairi to try and bring Sora to him, but Saix takes her. Axel coems to Sora after the battle with the Heartless army, and tell hims that the Organization ahs been manipulating him the entire time, and he apologizes for getting Kairi involved.
Axel finds Sora in Betwixt and Between, the pathway to the World That Never Was. When a large group of Nobodies attacks them, Axel performs a kamikaze attack, and sacrifices himself to save Sora. With his last strength he opens a door to the World That Never Was, and tells Sora that, like Roxas, he made him feel like he had a heart.