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The Cloaked Schemer


The sixth member of the Organization. He was Ienzo's Nobody, his weapon and element are unknown. He has the ability to tell who a person is by their scent from very far away, and knows when they die by their scent fading. He watches Riku through Castle Oblivion until Vexen dies, then he and Lexaeus decide to use Riku in the same way Marluxia wants to use Sora.
After the deaths of Larxene, Lexaeus, and Marluxia, Zexion sees that they no longer need Riku, and attempts to destroy him. He does this by showing Riku Destiny Islands and all of his friends. Then having them disappear, one by one. Zexion then appears in front of Riku, and tells him that it was him who opened the door to darkness and destroyed the islands. After Riku fights a Darkside, Zexion disguises himself as Sora and attacks him, telling him that he is nothing but a pawn of the darkness. Namine appears to Riku as Kairi, and convinces Riku to not fear the darkness, but to accept both it and the light. Riku then attacks Zexion, but he escapes.
However, Axel leads the Riku Replica to him, and convinces him that he would become real, if he had a power Riku didn't have. The replica then absorbs Zexion's power, and Zexion supposedly dies.