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Secret Report 9

I should have expected nothing less from a Keyblade-wielding hero.

Sora and friends defied the machinations of Organization XIII and rescued Namine.

Namine was a witch who controlled the memories of others.

Most likely these powers were achieved through a special process when she was born.

Namine is a Nobody, created when a young girl's heart left her body.

Yet she has no corresponding Heartless.

This is because the "young girl" in this case was a princess.

Kairi, a resident of Radiant Garden over which I had ruled, was one of the Seven Princesses that uphold the realm of light.

With no darkness in her heart, Kairi produced no Heartless, and instead of vanishing, her body remained in the realm of light.

In other words, both the Nobody called Namine and the Heartless-proof of a lost heart-are extremely unstable beings who lack the bodies needed to produce a Nobody.

Therefore, they also lack Kairi's memories. One reason for this may be that Kairi's heart did not return to the darkness when separated from her body, but rather migrated to another vessel...deep within Sora's heart.

That is, Namine is an alter ego of the Kairi who has directly interfered with Sora's heart. Could this be why Sora and those whose hearts are connected to him were able to have their memories controlled?

She is a "non-being" in the truest sense of the word; having not even become a Nobody and with nowhere left to go, she is but the most fleeting of shadows.

Secret Ansems Report (c)2005, Square-Enix