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Secret Report 8

It appears that I have been too distracted by the behavior of Xehanort and his cohorts, and by the events occurring in their vicinity.

My friends' struggle to protect the realm of light from the threat of Heartless is now over, with Xehanort's Heartless-going by the name Ansem, Seeker of Darkness-defeated at last.

The other wielder of the Keyblade, this "hero," traveled from world to world sealing up keyholes and laying Heartless low.

Meanwhile, the King, who had dived into the realm of darkness, worked with the Keyblade-wielding hero to close the door to Kingdom Hearts from the realms of both darkness and light, thus holding off the threat of tremendous darkness.

But there are still a great number of Heartless afoot, and Organization XIII and the Nobodies continue to be active in the shadows.
Indeed, the world is still a very dangerous place.

We must find a way to do battle with these enemies.

Thus I will both make amends and have my revenge.

It is for this reason that I infiltrated Castle Oblivion.

It consists of 13 floors above and 12 floors below ground, with the contents of its "White Rooms" transforming in response to its visitors' memories.
Organization XIII was conducting experiments on memory here.

The subject in these experiments, a girl named Namine, appeared to possess extremely unusual abilities.

Where they attempting to derive something from these powers?

Refusing to be distracted by Organization XIII, I had returned to my own secret research when a new visitor appeared at the castle today.

It was Sora, the Keyblade-wielding hero who had defeated Ansem, and his companions.

Deep underground, the stench of darkness arose.

All the players are coming together, it would seem.

Ansems Secret Report (c)2005, Square-Enix